I have an old Synology DS213j NAS that I want to use for DynDNS. Now Synology does support DDNS but does not come with my DynDNS provider, Binero, preconfigured. Follow these easy steps to add support for Binero DynDNS in your Synology NAS

Prerequsities - Verify that DynDNS is correctly setup.

  • Use curl or a browser and call https://EMAIL:[email protected]/nic/update?hostname=HOST&myip=IP make sure you set EMAIL, PASSWORD, HOST and IP
  • You should get a response that says good or similar.

Add Binero DynDNS to Synology

  • Use SSH and log into your NAS.

  • Edit /etc.defaults/ddns_provider.conf and add the this block at the end of the file

  • Now log into your NAS and open Control Panel -> External Access and click on Add in the DDNS tab. Binero should now be in the list of Service Providers

  • You’re all set up! You should see your service provider and hostname in the list and status should be Normal